2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #21


19/5, Monday

Went for work (which I don't think I will continue lol) and ran errands in town. So so busy but managed to catch sw for lunch. Basil chicken with egg!

Adidas watch from Maybank! I was pleasantly surprised! I've been using their card to death since then lol. Coffee voucher from Capitamalls and movie ticket from the contest.

Collect all the freebies lol.

20/5/2014, Tuesday

Went back to NTU for the survey then work.

21/5/2014, Wednesday

Started the day with Mac pancakes. Managed to finish everything, so rare. Morning shift, after that sb 1-for-1 with Kai & Tim. Huge cup of extra hot signature hot chocolate on a cold rainy day. Extra bliss ^^

22/5/2014, Thursday

Work > packed dad's favourite food (duck) home. A little treat for his birthday. Sb again before for my all-time-favourite green tea latte. I love it hehee. A mini super sweet raspberry cheesecake to end the day. Happy birthday papa!

23/5/2014, Friday

Work and met the girls for pasta dinner. Did the disco ball in the library/outside the library, surrounded by half a dozen of cockroaches FOL.

24/5/2014, Saturday

Lesson > work > pasta dinner Crys made > Run

I should run a little more hahahaa #fat

25/5/2014, Sunday

Morning - midnoon = lessons. I've been trying to plan my work/schedule and it seems impossible. Help me. :(

Finished a book - Animal Farm.

I know this is for Secondary school lol. It has been on my bookshelf for 5 years and I finally finished it. Reading another Primary school book now!

Gonna try Zumba later (youtube is the best!) after my dinner digested. Too full too full.