2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #19 #20


As you all know, Summer is here!! Cheers to my 3 month break again.
Will be working for approximately 1 month (plus/minus) before flying to Korea woooo~

Can't believe I visited Taiwan almost a year back and I've not blogged about it. Such a giant procrastinator when it comes to travel-related blog posts.

I've been busy watching drama/preparing for my birthday party so yeah.
No #19 last week.

Btw, I should probably find a day for Spiderman & Godzilla.


Party's finally over. Started my job yesterday and I had fun. It was tiring at some point but thank god nice people made my day. ^^

What else....?
Attended training, rested, packed (still in the midst of tidying up year 2 notes. I've not cleared sem 1's stuff yet lol) and finished emergency couple.

Not bad not bad.

PS, it's not like I don't want to edit the photos from my birthday 1 week ago. Photoshop crashes, together with my chrome, after 3 pictures EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's so irritating.
I don't know how to use other software. Please don't like that ke yi ma.

Btw I've some photos to upload but I'm lazy to transfer today.
Next time!

Anyway, it's 18 May. 
Happy birthday!! 
Live, and chase my dreams.