2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #17 & #18

Sorry for my absence. 3 papers down and 2 more to go.

The 3 papers made me feel really bad about myself. 2011: Didn't read question properly. 8002: Forgot to do one part 2041: why am I so stupid

I guess I got a little complacent these days. Have not started on the revision for my next two papers :(
PS for ranting here. 

It's exams period and my favourite thing to do is watch drama. Like 18 eps of The Moon that embraces the Sun and 10 eps of Shining Inheritance.

The Moon that embraces the Sun

I like ancient Kdramas hahaaaa. The people are so cultured and knowledgeable (read: scholars). I'm super excited to visit SKK this summer hahaha! More about that soon. 
Anyway, I love love love ep 5. The child actors are THE BEST. They are so good and I was soooooo sad omg. 

Why Yeo Jin-goo didn't win best actor then wtf. 
Lee Min-ho, who acted as the 'Song Mang Bo' in rooftop prince, is one my favourites too hahaaa. 
Nam Bo-ra is so cute in the show ^^
Lastly, Kim Soo-hyun, every one's favourite ever since he played in My Love from Another Star/You Who Came from Another Star (which is not too bad as well)

Sorry I got carried away. This drama is in my top 5. I also like, not in any particular order, Secret Garden, 49days, Rooftop prince, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and You're beautiful. You're beautiful is the start of my whole kdrama marathon so it will always occupy a special place in my heart hehe. 

Shining Inheritance

This is a pretty old drama but it's not bad. And there's Lee Seung Gi, do I need to say anymore? 

I should collate everything in a post, one day.

Other than exams-related matters/kdrama, I attended Kristale's 21st prior to exams. 

Good to finally meet the class. It's been too long 12A.

Also, Lena's after 2011 with Chemigalz (HAHA I can't get enough of this) and I really like the cold noodles thing! Carbonara is quite disappointing!

No filters or whatsnot I'm a lazy bum right now.

Turkey Carbonara

Cold noodles
(From MOF)


Brownie with Vanilla Icecream

Plain pancakes

Some random snaps of the week:

Sakura edition Essentials Mom got from Thailand!

And box of products (some were sent to me, some are new stuff I'm trying out) I need to write about

Hence, I will be publishing a lot more reviews recently. Well, not like I've other interesting things to write about now. :/ 

Summer, come quickly.