[Sponsored Review]: Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean

黑人牙膏. Tell me who is not familiar with Mr Darlie? I've been using Darlie toothpaste for the longest time (switched to other brands but somehow this is my favourite?). I really like the Expert White toothpaste but it is deemed pricey so my dad doesn't buy that :(. Currently using Darlie All Shiny, works okay but definitely not as well as Expert White.

Then I was sent the new Charcoal toothpaste!

Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean
What: Whitening toothpaste
Taste/Scent: Sweet/minty
Size: 160 g
Price: $3.20
Where to buy: *breathe in* 
selected major NTUC FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime and other 
leading supermarkets, Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores from March 2014
*breathe out lol*


Additional Information:

- Clinical proven effectively whiten your teeth in 14 days

- Speedy Whitening Agent (SWA) removes yellowish stains

- Contains natural bamboo charcoal molecules effectively absorb dirt and deeply clean your mouth. 
Combine with SWA whitening agent which delivers effective whitening result, bringing dual whitening benefits.

- Fluoride for healthy teeth

How to use:

1. Toothpaste on toothbrush

2. Brush

Here's a video showing you the right way to clean your teeth

My background:

1. Last cleaning/scaling trip was more than 2 years ago *ashamed*
I know..... please don't judge me. Been really lazy to head to the dentist~

2. Discoloured teeth


T w T Embarrassing things I've to show 

just one of my very sad-looking tooth. Not straight not nice nvm now not white T w T 

3. The junk I ate for the past 12 days

Day 1: 
Chocolate digestives x4
Chicken rice with egg
Half pack hor fan half pack hokkien mee (I love to share my food with my papa/mama)
Qoo Fuji Apple 

Day 2: 
Chueh kueh x7
Sprinkles donut
Herbal tea
Nasi Lemak
Chinese Dinner

Day 3: 
Red bean bao x2
Gyoza, sushi and fried chicken pieces
Chinese dinner

Day 4:
Cheese and butter bread x2
Egg tart x1
Ba chor mee 
Cheesecake x1
Chinese dinner
Chocolate x3 

Day 5: 
Fried rice
Bread with floss x2 
Fried rice again wtf
Half pack of hor fan (again) half pack of yu pian mee fen
Gummy bear

Day 6:
Sausage roll
Swiss roll with fresh crea
Hersheys cookies and cream chocolate x1 bar 
Every burger 
Sweet sour fish rice with egg
Butter sugar crackers x3

Day 7:
Butter sugar cracker x1
Chocolate cookies x3
Sausage Mcmuffin with egg set
Berry candy x2

Day 8:
Chocolate milk 
Burberry biscuits x8
Prawn noodles
Yogurt x1 cup
Fruits platter

Day 9:
Ham&Cheese bread x3
Burberry biscuits x4
Chinese dinner 
Chocolates, chips, chocolate cookies 

Day 10: 
Brownie x7 
Chinese lunch
Broccoli salad
Chinese dinner
Cheese with bread x2

Day 11:
Pork floss bread x2
Turkey Carbonara
Chinese dinner
Brownie x3

Day 12:
Bao x3
Cheese pancake x1
Japanese pizza
Hong kong noodles
Chocolate x1
Green tea 

I've been using twice a day for 12 days and this is what I've gathered. Oh missed one of the days as I was staying in hall.

Whitening in 14 days

I tend to pick toothpastes with whitening properties. Who doesn't want a set of Pearlie whites?! I drink coffee/tea quite frequently to keep myself awake. I can study more efficiently when I have a small cup of caffeine. :/ However, coffee/tea stains my teeth so bad. The staining was so bad last semester wtf. Foresee the same thing happening very soon.
I didn't put it to the full 14 days test because of my schedule but 12 days ain't that far from it right. I can see a difference after use (especially in the morning) but the results are not permanent.

Stars: 2.5/5


Doesn't feel as minty as the older version but sufficient to keep your breath fresh. I don't like to talk to people after I brush because I find the mint smell too overpowering. Hence, I'm glad Charcoal clean isn't that overwhelming.

Stars: 3.5/5

Cleaning properties

It cleans really well! I love running my tongue over my smooth teeth after I brushed hehehe.

Stars: 4.5/5

Instant whitening

Not permanent but this is after brushing! Not bad right!

I looked so unkempt. It's sooooo hot I had to tie my hair up when I'm not taking pictures. 

Stars: ★

The verdict:

I find Charcoal clean even more effective than the older All Shiny white. It foams well hence brushing is relatively easy. I can see a difference, though it doesn't last especially when I ate food that stains, in just a day. I don't blame Darlie though! I can't expect $90 polished teeth just from using a toothpaste right~ However, Darlie (older version) toothpaste kept my teeth really really white for a very long time after my dental appointment 2 years ago LOL. So I figure Charcoal clean will not disappoint me! At an affordable price of $3.20, there's no reason not to give it a try!
Toothbrush I'm using is from Systema, in case you're wondering. It has tiny fibres which clean the little gaps well.

Rating: 8.5/10
Repurchase: Most likely! That is if toothpaste manager (my dad LOL) remembers  

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Note to self: dental appointment after exams + wisdom tooth extraction? My gums' swollen :(
*All photos are not edited. (Except for censoring my half-blinked eyes wtf). Shot it in another mode so it's like blueish : |