Number 2

Here's number 1 and 3. Skipped number 2 because I wanted to include a review of it together.
But I guess I will separate them as it is neater that way. 

Number 2 is not so glamorous like number 3 LOL so bear with me. 

Musee Platinum Tokyo 
Credits: Musee Facebook page

Signed up for an underarm IPL with them. It is so troublesome to pluck/wax/shave every now and then. Jiang zhen de right! Unless you don't bother.....? 
Went for 1 treatment and my second one is in June. 

Will share more after the second session! 

PS, I'm visiting the new outlet @ WestGate. Quick convenient as I can drop by after school.
It is super super pretty; like a blue etude house. Plus point for that! 
PS/S: I feel quite weird writing about this hahahaaha. Sorry ah I'm traditional lolll.