Happy 21st Cowie!

22/3/2014, Saturday

Rushed over after tuition that day. Initial plan of visiting a dog cafe failed as that place was packed with people! 
So they settled down at Zhong Shan Mall (Near Novena) and finished lunch by the time I reached lol. Ended up stuffing myself with a (really) large piece of cheesecake from Breaktalk. Hello kitty cheesecake to be exact. So cute but tasted okayish?

After which, Zhong Shan Park for a 'mini' photoshoot. Thanks yq for bringing the camera and tripod. And the board too omg really da bao xiao bao.

Props were done by sm.

The rest are up on fb. 

The card ape made. 

Ok it seems like I'm the most useless person in the group hahahaa. If they are a bunch of very talented minions then I will be Gru, with hair wtf. PM me if you're interested to engage my minions~

Rushed over to Cine to catch Divergent! Oh GrabTaxi app is great I hope it will last a long long time. No need booking charges if I'm not wrong. And my first movie in Cine. No difference eh I think I will stick to cwp's. 

Divergent is great, a little like hunger games but I like hunger games better. The male and female leads are so good-looking though wth. *fangirl*

Settled dinner at CoCo... house? It's a store at the basement of 313. I kinda like the curry buttery cream combination but it is not super fantastic. 

Kinda plain but so so glad she enjoyed herself. ^^

Happy 21st! Thanks for being my +1 for the longest time. 
I don't always have the best personality nor tone but you stood by me no matter what. And took any nonsense I threw at you *guilty*
100 thumbs up and love for you! I mean it!!!!