Every school leaves me with a clique quite different from the other. University (Though this is not the end yet) gave me this bunch of really outstanding girls. They excel in almost everything yet they are still so humble and nice. We can laugh over the silliest things and I'm so glad they have my back.

Haven't been attending lectures etc but I would try to next Semester. Not going to give up my chance as a student/friend anymore.

Today, a typo gave our group a new name. Frankly speaking, I'm not very satisfied with chemists. It's too... general, and strong hahaaaa.

Chemigalz (sounds like Chemicals!) is such a joke and it is so punny. I like punny stuff - they are smart in a twisted manner. It is a much better representative. ^^

Anyway, wanted to write 'chemgalz' (cause our conversations are lame like that) but accidentally wrote 'Chemigalz' Didn't know I can make such a big difference. Get it? HAHAHA.

I miss all the kiddy things. Don't remind me my age thanks!