2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #15

Hey guys! 

Coffee saved me; that's why I'm still awake right now. My nap time is from 6-8 or 7-9 lol. 
Totally concussed on the short bus ride home after tuition. REALLY very tired but less than 1 month to freedom~. Gonna hang in there~

Had a midterm on Wednesday. 
Then I stayed in school on Thursday because I had to submit the lab report on Friday morning. BUT they started collecting on Thursday without informing us wtf. Should have informed us earlier?

Nua in hall after submission. Napped my afternoon away, skipped lunch and dinner because I'm too lazy to head down to buy food. Then we had steamboat for... supper hahahha yumyum. 

Today is so warm. :(

Favourite of this week. 
I really like this version!