2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #13 #14


Forgot to write about my week last Sunday. Was too engrossed with Green Chem (Test on Mon). Results were nubad.
#13 is probably super boring because I have zero recollection of it.


Test, reports, trying to start my revision on 2041 (who the hell has midterms on week 12?) and last lab. Lab wasn't as tedious as last sem (usually ends before 12) but well... it's lab. Lab and me don't go well together, sadly.

Anyhow, I thought things are getting better but reality punched me in the face. Planned my birthday on Mothers' Day. Good job jl~
But people who I dear so much once again show me why I can't live without them. x The way ahead is so clear yet I can't see it if you don't point it out to me.

I hope this is the last hurdle I've to cross. Please don't surprise me anymore.
Give my heart a break, life.

Last 3 random points. 

1. Exercise everyday (I'm so lazy today so let me take a 1 day off hahaa)

2. Spring in SG
No need to travel all the way to Pasir Ris. Look around you, your neighbourhood. A couple of days ago I passed by WKW and a tree is COVERED with pretty white flowers. At that moment I swear I wanted to bring my camera to school to snap some pictures. Very very pretty. The stairway to my tutee's place is littered with pink petals as well. What a sight. The trees along the road I take everyday has red/yellow leaves - the colours of autumn. Everywhere is beautiful, it is if you even bother to pay attention to your surroundings. 

3. And this looks good! 

Shall start on my 3 pages of cheat sheets.