Today was well.. a bad day. Woke up at 9 when I've lab at 9.30am. That's right.
My dad drove me down to SPMS, ran all the way up and I thought I've 1 minute left but wtf no. I'm late. By 1 minute.

At that moment I just broke down. I already had a bad morning and the lab clock has to do this to me? :(
I feel like a giant fool. It sucks hhahaa.

Sorry my emotions got the better of me.

Qotd is always so true.

you can't rid the world of sorrow, but you can choose to live in joy.

Sorrow is with us not because we are bad at stopping it, but simply because it's part of being human. What matters is not whether good or bad things happen - both will, but your relationship to them. Just think back over the last 24 hours, - what had you taken hard that you could have taken lightly?

I'm alright already! Made dinner for da family because I feel so guilty for acting like a nasty piece of ball when they are not really at fault. X


  1. OMG jl so it was you!!! The other girl who was late with you was in my lab group then she was telling me that you stunned her and she really didn't know how to comfort you at that point and that it really was okay, because she's late almost every week and her lab grades are still okay. Take care <3

    1. Weeshan? hahaa I'm okay now sorry to shock her loool. Don't use weird names like moomin anymore; I had a hard time trying to figure out who!