A little more than what you know

Hiiiii the power of filters is indescribable. Post workout face can never look good without it. I looked ghostly white (which isn't the case wtf) but I posted it anyway. I don't take many selfies during schooling days so every single one shouldn't be wasted. In case you're wondering, I used... mei yan xiang ji if I'm not wrong. I don't usually use this kind of filter hence it is kinda refreshing to see my skin so oddly smooth. Less than 5h of sleep for the past week so you can imagine my skin condition right now eh eh.

It's 1:30am and I've just submitted my report around half an hour ago. That's not the end - I've more reports waiting for me. Hmm can I sing so sad song right now hahahaha.

Anyway, it's 12/3/2014, around 3 more months to something I've been waiting for so long.

And if you're realised, you just wasted 1 minute of your time reading this. Goodbye~