2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #9 & #10

Don't know when weekly bites become biweekly bites haha.

#9: Mom's birthday/looking forward to recess week and endless assignments following that/ran/motivated
#10: Gained weight because I've been munching on cookies, cakes and fattening stuff/failed library trips/a lot of deadlines on week 8/my love from another star/super duper warm/invite cards. 

My chunk of summary is so not reader-friendly. 

Anyhow, here are the pictures I've gathered for the past 2 weeks. I need to clear my phone soon; too full. 

New book | Sakura pen, Giraffe highlighter - So cute

Currently listening (spamming):

If love was a song, it will be this. And his voice omg. 
Hyorin's version is really nice as well. Youtube it!