2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #11

No photos gathered this week. Well, except for one selfie I sent the NTU khakis. 

Braved through week 8, my horrible terrible week packed with deadlines and tests. But week 9 10 11 12 13 will be well... crazy. 

More midterms, more deadlines (like weekly lab reports oh god), more blog posts I owe, more personal time I need. Soon it will be Finals and mid year for my students. That's not the end. After finals it will be preparation of birthday, then birthday, then it will be tuition, work, planning on repeat. My break will only come on the 19th June. But it's okay, I will give my best till then. 

All the 2 am bed time will be worth it. But my dark circles need to maintain a little o___o 

Anyway, my selfie looks weird right? Left is my normal school brow while right is me with thicker brow. Trying to pull off the straight thick brows look, what do you think hahaaha! Left is drawn with etude house's while right is drawn with Maybelline's. If I have to choose, I will pick the Maybelline one. 

Okay time to plan my time and drown in the sea of data collected from lab.