Review: Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair

Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair review
Updated on 4/9/2014 (Highlighted)

Secret Key - My secret every night.

Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair qoo10
Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair
What: Night ampoule (serum)
Size: 50mL
Suitable for: Normal skin
Scent: Sweet
Texture: Runny yet pretty thick
Made in: Korea
Price: $17 (depending on where you get it)
Where to get: Online stores/Qoo10

It's in Korean and that means I can't understand at all

It's from Qoo10 again. Ah my favourite place to get products from Korea. Cheap, safe and very easy to use. Just remember to do your research on the sellers you are purchasing from.

I've quite a few products from Secret Key and they work okay, nothing super special. Unboxing it........

Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair review

I KNOW RIGHT. Totally a dupe for Estee Lauder night serum. I don't support buying fakes, especially skincare/makeup, but dupes are fine. You can see how much I like it; half gone after 3 months! 

What I like about it:

The pipette 

Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair ampoule

Every time I use this I feel like a scientist doing magic on my skin haha. I'm not the only one right...? Apart from this (very personal) reason, I like how I am able to control the amount of product I need with the pipette. 

Absorbs quickly

The product is easily absorbed and doesn't leave a sticky residue. Slightly sticky, just slightly so it's bearable. It is so light and spreads really easily. A couple of pats and you're good to go (to bed!)

My skin

Waking up to supple skin thanks to this. Sometimes I use it on its own, sometimes I layer one more moisturiser on top of it. It is not super super moisturising so it will be good to apply your favourite night cream on top of it. 

Fades Spots

Secret Key Multi Cell Night Repair effect
Blurred the picture because my skin is really disgusting up close eh 

They definitely lightened! Finally after sticking around for so many years. I hope it can do the same for scars from acne/the accident.

What I don't like about it:


It kinda leaks, not sure why. Not much of an issue since I let it sit on my table most of the time.

The Verdict

I suppose it wouldn't work as well as EL but for the price you're paying, there's nothing for you to complain about. Furthermore, its 5 free system makes it more appealing than many other products available in the market. It spreads and absorbs really well. The scent is quite overwhelming so for people who are sensitive to fragrances and whatsnot, do a spot test before using. Other than that, I'm more than pleased with this product. So glad I'm starting to see results after using it for 3 months! Yup especially my sunspots!!

Rating: 9/10
Just repurchased in case it's OOS!