Number 1

Hello happy midweek! 

I have not booked a place for my birthday because 1. I can't decide where 2. I can't decide when. Picking a date is so hard why why why? This is probably the last 'celebration' I organise for myself. It will be nearly impossible to hold another one after 21st. Nobody will turn up~ 

(back from bakwa break)

Anyway, I'm going to get myself 21 gifts haha I'm so greedy. They are just things/to-dos I always wanted to own/do. Valid reason to do it this year. To start the ball rolling, here's my 1st~


Earpiece. Yup that's right. 

Audio Technica, $28

This caught my eye; it's really pretty! The sound quality is erm not great but I'm not that into earpiece and stuff like that so it's fine. I don't even know how to update my playlist....

To be honest, this is the most expensive earpiece in my life wtf. I think it is a waste of money (that's why I've been living without one for many many many months) because I only use them for online lectures and sometimes random youtube videos. Kinda no point right~

Nonetheless, this is my number one. Twenty more to come. 

Till then,