2014 CNY

Our yearly quan jia fu is not ready yet. Will upload when it's done!

30/1/2014, Thursday 

Last minute grocery shopping - first expressway experience - reunion dinner - lots of sparklers - fireworks - home

31/1/2014, Friday

First day of CNY - drove - stuffed myself with cny goodies - temple - house hopping - steamboat/dinner - interactions - home

Really lousy quality just bear with me. 

Dress: TW | Shoes: C&K 

After that we took our yearly quan jia fu! Pictures can be found here! (Took slightly less than a month to upload, nubad)

1/2/2014, Saturday

Second day of CNY - JB - monkey shirt floral shorts - reunion lunch - house filled with people (children) - gambled - ate a lot - second round of sparklers and whatnot - home 

Can rewear 3 years later

2/2/2014, Sunday

Nua day - relatives dropped by - Tiffy's house for CNY steamboat with dearest - happy birthday sm - gambled and lost.

Surprisingly, no photos. 

3/2/2014, Monday

Errands with family - Second Aunt's chalet/BBQ - ate - talked - home - paperwork/homework

End of CNY = Start of exercise plan. 
PS: down with a bad cough + sore throat :( 
PS/S: My sis is the best photographer for me.