Top 5 natural remedies everyone should know

"Go natural or go home"

Today I will be sharing about my top 5 natural remedies/items I am using for either my skin (mainly face) or hair. Actually, some work very well for both. My top secrets hahaha wtf. 

I benefited so much from including them in my daily skincare hence I hope they will help some of you as well! Instant results every time! Plus most of you probably have them lying around your house. 

1. Natural yogurt as hair/face mask

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This really cannot go wrong for anyone. It works like magic on both my hair and skin.
Saw it on Bubz channel many years ago. Check her video out! 

You can choose any natural yogurt/organic yogurt/greek yogurt. Anything unflavoured and with as little sugar as possible. I usually go for Pauls/Farmer Union. Personal preference. 

For face:

1. Cleanse
2. Apply generously on clean face
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water when it dried completely

For hair:

1. Shampoo
2. Briefly towel dry 
3. Apply generously to hair, I put some on my scalp too (doesn't irritate my scalp but you should test yours first) 
4. Bun hair up. Leave for 15-45mins, depending on my mood
5. Rinse off with cold water
6. I will apply some conditioner/hair mask after that as I don't like the yogurt smell on my hair. It makes my hair so smooth and healthy after that. 

Proceed to eat the rest of the opened yogurt.


Nice soft skin. Soothes my pimples/rashes (which I always have on my cheeks fml). Skin feels very moisturised after that! 

Very shiny and soft hair. Pretty much tangle-free. I can skip conditioner/hair mask for around 1 week because my hair is so soft~ Less time needed to shower!

2. Wash face with green tea

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Oh.My.God. I really love this tip I learned from Pony! She swears by it and now I swear by it too! I also love her makeup tutorials as they are really easy to learn. 

I use OJK Japanese green tea - my favourite green tea.

For face:

1. Soak a tea sachet in a large bowl
2. Wash your face with your daily cleanser
3. Rinse your face with green tea. Pat all the good stuff into your skin.


Soothes my irritated skin instantly! I can't believe my eyes at first hahaha. It even minimises the redness around my nose/pimples.

I use each tea bag for 2 servings of green tea. 1st serving for washing and the 2nd for drinking.

*PS, ran out of green tea last night so I tried using pu'er tea. Hmm works similarly but I prefer green tea. More obvious effects + less drying

3. Olive oil

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I really can't be bothered to check what brand I'm using. Any extra virgin olive oil will work. And yes I use those you use for cooking. If you can put it inside you, you can put it on you. My theory.

It works pretty well as an eye makeup remover (I don't like use it for my whole face). Very handy when you run out of your remover. 

It works well as a hair moisturiser - deep conditioning or as a leave-on. PS, might be too oily for some people so give it a try first.


Cleanse light eye make up well. Moisturising and it doesn't irritate my eye. 
Hair is really smooth and shiny (don't use too much if not you will look like you fell into an oil rig)

4. Oatmeal cleanser

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This is again recommended by Bubzbeauty. I love her videos!! She's so inspiring, funny and full of energy! Tim is really entertaining too.

For face: 

1. Grab a handful of oats
2. Moisten it up with some water (or milk if you want)
3. Gently scrub your face with the soften oats.
4. Rinse

Cook some for breakfast after that! Very easy and it is so yummy. IF you really don't know how, check this post out. 

5. Aloe vera as natural moisturiser

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This is not very easy to find but some grocery stores (like sheng siong) sell them. You can plant your own aloe vera if you want! I've them in a pot outside my house. 

For face: 

1. Cut a small horizontal piece off. Seal the opening with a cling wrap and put it in the fridge. 
2. Cut open the skin. There should be some gooey stuff (as seen from the picture). It's like mucus but that's the thing you want! 
3. Trim off the sharp pricks (IMPORTANT) and rub the inside of the skin over your face (aka rub the gooey stuff all over your face). 
4. You can rub the aloe vera on your face as well but I find the gooey stuff works much better.

Another way

1. Use a metal spoon to scrape all the aloe vera and the gooey stuff out into a blender. 
2. Blend, apply on like a facial mask. 
3. Rinse off after 20 minutes. 
PS, you can add a tablespoon of flour if it is too runny.

The blended mixture can be used as a hair mask too.

Yet another way

1. Use a metal spoon to scrape all the aloe vera and the gooey stuff out into a pot.
2. Boil it. Do not add sugar.
3. Use the water for anything really - washing, hair, toning etc. 
4. Drink the rest if you want but it doesn't taste good at all.

Btw you can cook the rest and use it for desserts/drinks. Remove the skin and soak it in water/sugar water before cooking it. It will get rid of the bitter taste. 

Alternatively, you can purchase Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel.but natural is the best~

Give them a try and let me know whether they work for you? ^^

Sidenote: 2 selcas have no significance. Just 2 selfies I took while photographing a product.