JB adventures 2014

City Square is really boring but I don't have the courage to step out and explore other (interesting) places. There are a lot of new cafes/restaurants in my vicinity and they look really fun. Well well.

Finally first 'successful' overseas trip. Ya over sea haha. Luckily Kai managed to wake up. No jam no crowd. Cleared the customs really quickly. 

Erm, we did nothing lol sales are over and there is really nothing exciting going on. So food time.

Had lunch at this Korean restaurant.

Free flow of cold tea and free refill of side dishes. Service was fabulous as the staff was very polite and attentive. The stew we shared was full of spring onions. Prefer cabbage any time. It was around RM 68? They used beef and so I had beef after a year or so? I tried a no meat diet but it is realllllly hard. Not for any religion purpose; I just feel disgusted after watching a documentary (of worms in your small intestines after eating too much meat -___-) 

Bought a milk roll (cny goodie stall in atrium) which is quite meh. I thought it was good when I tried it. Adorable but my roll lacks a slice of cake? Idk it's not full like lt's :(. Grabbed my fam all time favourite Secret Recipe cakes too hehee.

They went back while I stayed, waiting for my parents to pick me up. Thank god there's starbucks. Their green tea latte tasted different! Thicker and really flavourful. IMO better than what we have here! 
Starbucks is always a nice place to chill. 

Did our things and we ended the day - or night - with supper! Had my favourite san lou mee fen at san lou restaurant. Very niceeeeee. Tried other dishes too and they did not disappoint. Super cheap and yummy! Where to find in sg? I'm craving for it now~

And I should pick up some Malay. Had a hard time communicating with the people there. 
Till then x! 

Oh! Eye infection since yesterday. I hope it will recover soon. I just have to deal with sliding specs in kickboxing class later. And probably pack (AGAIN) for cny! I get distracted so easily~

Off to my first driving lesson after.. months. I hope I didn't forget everything :x