Chasing all the stars

Hi guys!

2014 has been good so far. I'm writing my 2nd Sunday Weekly Bites tomorrow. That's quick.

School is starting on the 13th. I need to start early this semester, no more procrastination~ And soon it will be Chinese new year. There will be quite a few things to look forward to before January ends (I will update you guys on them very soon!) so stay tuned for those.

I can't wait to dive deep into the uncharted waters - to explore the sea of knowledge and experience the experiences. At the same time, I'm quivering with fear looking at the same waters that potentially provide what thrill me, the things I want for a while now. The fear of change and trying new things always consume me. Like always. However, I don't want to back away anymore. I don't want to be a hermit crab that retreats into its shell every now and then. Come what may, I want to give everything a try, grab every opportunity given to me.

PLEASE pull me out of my borrowed comfort if I start moving back thank you!