2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #2

7/1/2014, Tuesday

Headed to JB with lt & kai.. Blogged about it here

And these are the Secret Recipe cakes my family love

8/1/2014, Wednesday

Went for my first kickboxing class oh god why did I sign up for 8 lessons?! Dreading it every single day :(
Prior to that I drove again (after months). Hmm I need to work harder, 2 more weeks~

9/1`/2014, Thursday

NEC with Aunt that day. Spent a good 5h waiting for all the reports/doing all the paper work. Please stay healthy everybody!! 

Went to grab a bite in Chinatown (we alighted at the wrong stop lol)
Some random Vietnam food from the mall. Not nice enough for me to note the name.

10/1/2014, Friday

Sent Kai off to his solo bkk trip. That stubborn person >:( At least he's doing well there. Stay safe be back soon!! 

LOL I literally set my planner at the side while writing this post. No memory ah ah :(