2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #4

A little more busy than normal but it was all worth it!!

Shall not bore you guys with the contents of my daily life. To sum up, I skipped a lot of lectures to go for driving practice (and I'm so glad I did) I've A LOT of work to clear so I will document a quick one. Save the more interesting stuff for next week! 

24/1/2014, Friday

First lab day! I like group work, at least there's some sort of interaction. The only time you can really know somebody better in CBC. Ended really early so we went down to Bugis to bai bai (pray) for my driving test hahaha. Thank all gods for answering my prayers~~ 

Before that we had traditional laksa. It's quite sad to see more and more established food enterprises replacing our good old Singapore street food. I like those old school hawker centers with rows and rows of yummy food. 

Spent the rest of the time dragging myself around Bugis (I didn't spend at all yay!) in search of sw's cny clothes. I slept really well that night, thankfully. Thank you!! 

25/1/2014, Saturday

I wasn't as nervous and the good night sleep helped me so much. Went for my last revision, prayed really hard and phew phew I passed! 

The 'wow' is just to cover my I/C. I have not applied for my temporary driving pass yet. I should do it soon!! 

So happy it's finally over. Money, time, tears, a lot of tears. I was so stressed over my first test oh god. Kinda stupid but I remember crying after every single revision lesson prior to my first test. It was crazy. And after I failed my first test, I cried in the toilet hhahaha. Cannot bottle negative feelings ma. I earned this pass with sweat (the car was really hot Idky) and tears. 

I'm finally free from clutch ugh that thing probably made my left leg so much stronger than my right hahaha. 

Tiffany's Tiffany Blue 21st after tuition. More about that in a separate post.

26/1/2014, Sunday

Early surprise for my dear meimei! Different theme every year ^^ 

Shall wait for the photos before blogging about both of them! 

CNY next week, are you ready?!