2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #3

Hey hey! I'm late sorry guys. : |
(wait let me pull out my planner)

13/1/2014, Monday

First day of Semester 4 (Y2S2). Give me some time to settle down. Played/rested a little too much during the Dec break oh well.

And here's my chemists - the people I spent a lot of time with in NTU. Yea selfie in the toilet...
I do that outside but I feel so weird when I'm doing it in school? School is a sacred place; hence, there's no room for bimbo moments hahaha. 

I also had my first intermediate yoga lesson and man it's tough. I feel so guilty for throwing it aside for so long. Hope I don't die in the lesson later.

14/1/2014, Tuesday

Skipped my first lesson of the semester for shopping in Daiso. First 'useless' purchase for 2014. By useless I mean I don't need them to survive (transport, food, bills etc). Need to save for my trips!!

15/1/2014, Wednesday

My whole family accompanied my Aunt for her eye surgery. Everything is fine now ^^ Drove to NUS for food but we couldn't find our way. NUS is full of slopes omg I really don't mind travelling to pulau NTU now haha. We ended up in SP for not-so-nice dinner. Can't find the recommended stores sigh.

Missed my kickboxing that day. I've been skipping all sorts of things if you can't tell..... LOL.

16/1/2014, Thursday

Went for my checkup. Can't comment much yet until I receive my report.

17/1/2014, Friday

No lab! So happy~~ Circuit that day I can't do vertical parking. TP in 5 days please pray for me everybodeh! I am so nervous I can't stop fidgeting in lecture today. (YES I'm really scared). Need to calm my ass down *breathe in breathe out*

Dinner at Ichiban Sushi with cy and I swear each serving can feed like 2 pax. So much food! After which I went for the product launch for Goodskin Lab. I'm writing the post very soon (believe me!). It will be so helpful to many people.


Nah the usual. Visited random farms on Sunday with my popa and we packed dinner from this kampong-looking place. Food is pretty good. Will bring my camera next time!

TW papaya milk! 
Not as nice as the one we tried in TW though 

Sunday Weekly Bites is like a weekly diary for keepsake. I blabber too much lol sorry! I really want to pen my major (or trivial to some) events down. Maybe I should rename my post as 'Weekly report from Aunty JL' o____o