2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #1

Hey guys!

(The photo I spent so much time editing because the lighting is so bad! Tried my best!)

31/12/2013, Tuesday

Met Tim & Kai in town for a while to shop/dinner. Shoes broke so I got a new pair (current fav! no regrets).

I don't usually take picture of my loots but if I did it is always shoes. 

Dinner at Hifumi Japanese Restaurant in Plaza Sing. Purchase any main course and you get to enjoy free flow of appetisers. Ah eggs, vegs and salads, I likey.

The night got better when we finally reached sm's place. How to talk to them when they are busy with their phone 90% of the time? :(

Happy new year! 

Parents picked me up after that. Love them~

1/1/2014, Wednesday

Stay-home Wednesday. A day I cleared my sleep debt/packed for the new year.

2/1/2014, Thursday

Did my things/packed

3/1/2014, Friday

Met lt & sm in town for some shopping/dinner. Is this the first time I go out with just the girls in the group?
Headed to Joel's place after that and we started our art and craft session. Had a lot of fun laughing at his crappy history lessons. My friends have weird talents.

I should have photographed the first 'crepe flower' lt made. Reminds me of the time when she was rushing the sewing homework for home econs. So cute ahhaha!

Quite nice together!

Btw I collected my stuff and this means I've more products to try! Really can't wait to test some of them out!!

4/1/2014, Saturday

My weekends are always packed with tuition. I've very cute and nice students; really hope they will do well! 1 more I've yet to meet since last November or something. Soon soon.

5/1/2014, Sunday

Tried Xcape Season 2, courtesy of sm and her nice bosses, today with the people. Really quite exciting & fun. Worked as a team and we are really quite good when we put our heads together hehhe. I don't like the twist tho (It's interesting but...)

Games shouldn't be too personal. I over-reacted LOL I know I should 面壁思过 (I'm sorry guys I still love you no less~). Anyway, don't mess with my trust; especially with the people I trust with all my heart. All.

I can't deny it is super fun as long as you're not someone with weird beliefs like yours truly.

Btw the room we went to was Vampire Diaries. Should be trying resident evil when it is out. Count me in when it comes to zombie-related stuff. Maybe not L4D2 lol I will die after 10 mins.

Headed for late dinner + desserts after that.

Don't know where is it, figure it out on your own ok.


New clothes for Mr bear. So gay hahahha it's my dad/mom's old shirt.