What a less typical day looks like

10/12/2013, Tuesday

Holiday mood! Met the class (?) for k that day. The guys were in another room though! 
Lesson was cancelled so ya. Sang/screamed lolol my throat. 

SU-ed my polymer chem after fretting over it for so damn long. (ok maybe like less than 10 mins) Sighpie. I've enough to spare actually; I just wanna know my grade! Welllllll, can't risk it. 

Pepperlunch for dinner and tried cheesy curry chicken for the first time. I think it's not bad. I think. Can't really remember hahahaa. 

Floated around cwp before meeting tky and we spent a good couple of hours talking. My listening ear~

The only photo I took with him that day with my phone lololl. The editing is so bad I know. What's with the candles right omg what was I thinking last night. Nonetheless, I'm so thankful every single day.

By the way, it's nearly halfway into December.
Open your heart, give and receive my dear :) I love December.


Finished my last bit of 'can you hear my heart'. Namgoong Min is such a good actor!

favourite song! So happy I love~

One of the rare piano pieces I like.

These songs instantly put me in good mood. 
It's a pretty good show. 30 ep but I wasn't bored at all. 
Not bad not bad you should watch it too!