Sunday Weekly Bites #9

This is my last Sunday Weekly Bite of 2013! Started SOTW (label) because I was busy with school but I refuse to stop blogging. It is so useful when I'm trying to recall what happened. Sunday weekly bites is not on Sunday because I have to many backlogs to clear. My weekends will be quite plain anyway.

Stay tuned for the rest of the posts! Spent a lot of time and effort on them. I hope you will like it!

23/12/2013, Monday

Finally unwrapped the present from dearests.

I still have 1 month to finish it. Haven't had cereals for a really really long time.

I only get such distinct double eyelids when I don't get enough sleep. But they come with crazy dark circles #fml

No makeup as I was heading for yoga. Hand to cover my pimple and filter to cover my ass haha.

Sm sent me tons of cute penguin stickers in fb omgggg. All the stickers made me think of 1 special one. So I edited our latest photo together (WHICH IS LIKE 1 YEAR AGO) with it!

^^ My fav 

This is the line sticker I'd never use for any other people~

24/12/2013, Tuesday

Went JB with le family hhehee. Bought some xmas supplies etc. Ate at a super ex bkt place and it's not very nice. :( Supper was at the usual prata place hehehe the mee goreng is yummeh.

Received a little package of love from TheSampleStore! Omg I totally didn't expect this! Thank you!!

25/12/2013, Wednesday

Merry Xmas HOHOHO! I am very touched to receive xmas greetings from people I've been missing. Xmas was extra heartwarming when I know you are thinking of me. :'') I don't know how to initiate meet up/contact anyone when we have not met for quite some time. Sighhh.

I just wanna let all of you know I'm eternally grateful for every single thing we had together. I've met wonderful people all my life. ^^

It's the small things that matter. :)

Anyway, started the day pretty badly but everything ended perfectly. I was so angsty but a quick nap solved everything hehehe. Guess I was too drained out.

Xmas dinner

Put together a simple xmas dinner. Relatives came over so we shared most of our food. Surprisingly it was enough to feed all of us.

Rushed out to meet my dearest after dinner! What is xmas without them? 

And I received my xmas cupcake from Tim! So good to have a baker friend ^^
Charades in mac omg it was really fun! I love you guys to bits haahha!!

Ah this is really a merry christmas. 

26/12/2013, Thursday

Woke up with a terrible headache + burning throat. My body is punishing me for polishing off all the junk food. Cancelled tuition, pop meds and slept. Felt a whole lot better after that! 

27/12/2013, Friday

Thought results would be out at 12 midnight. I was only able to login at around 2+. Apparently they changed the rules hahaha. L4D2 for a while, like 20mins, and I ALMOST DIED. So nauseous and terrible :( Not cut out for such things. 

Checked my results in the morning. Not toooooo bad! I did better than I expected. S for accounting thank you guanyinma. No more business mods for ever and ever and ever haha. cGPPA dropped again ok la I'm not too sad. Gonna try harder next sem! 

Ending off with....

My sis new friend. 
My new thing to disturb