Sunday Weekly Bites #7

Oh hi! Since my days are more 'eventful' now, I don't have to summarise my week into a post.

First week of holiday down. How fast. School's fast, holidays are faster. Life, life.
Had my fair share of fun this week and I think I deserved every bit of it! Dreamt of exams/late for exams last night phew phew I woke up in cold sweat. Exams trauma.

Next week will be eventful in another way as I arranged some work/started some of my tuition. More will happen right before Christmas. Teaching (and seeing them improve) is such a joy. However, I will never consider being a full time teacher any time soon.

Next, I started on maple a couple days ago after all the hype about the new job lololl. Quite easy to play but it changed so much I don't know how to navigate anymore! Feels like a noob hahahah oh well. At least I don't feel giddy playing this. And I sort of lost my L4D2 file I seriously don't know where it went. Sigh no more zombies. I still have 2 eps of TWD waiting for me to clear. My weekly dose of zombieness hahaha omg.

I kinda want a day at chilling with my favourite coffee. I kinda need it. Do some work and probably a small chat with one or two friends.