Sunday Weekly Bites #6

Hi guys!

Basically I wrote everything I wanted in the previous post. It sort of summarised my week/weeks? (told ya I lost track of time yea)

7/12/2013, Saturday

Went for my first tuition after weeks! So thankful for having understanding tutees! Had all the time for revision and cleared y2s1!

Woodlands 11 for miyoc warehouse sales first but the queue was horrendous. Gave it a miss since we weren't in the shopping mood. Gushcloud flea to 'support' liting for a bit before heading to Laksania for our realllllly late lunch.

Food was pretty good and groupon voucher made the meal affordable! yq gave me her egg (since I was so sad mine came without egg. Actually it came with nothing except gravy, noodles, some cucumber and disgusting ginger flower thing).

Toured JEM and got shorts from the usual place. Stupid me bought the third pair of pastel pink shorts. I think I need to dig through my pile of new.. stuff and start wearing/using them.

Westgate > Woodlands > House of the dead but the guns aren't working well anymore! Guess apocalypse training will be put on hold lolool.

8/12/2013, Sunday

Yay today is my nuasai day I'm so happy. I can finally waste a day away. I need one of such days to get me back on track! Slept all the way past noon (whoop!), woke up for brunch, some dramas > eat > dozed off again > repeat hhahaa.

Errands to run later so let me enjoy my last hour of laziness~

Btw I'm currently obsessed with 'can you hear my heart' omg. I was disciplined enough not to look for it online during exam period *pats back*. It's one episode per day during that period. The curiosity almost killed the cat me. Sometimes my obsession drives me crazy - I'm dead tired but I can't stop unless it's 4+ to 5am. I will go to bed reluctantly then because my mom will be fuming if she realised stayed up all night to watch : |

PS, 3 weeks without yoga and sitting down for like 8h a day made me really stiff. I better start practicing.