Sunday Weekly Bite #8

15/12/2013, Sunday

Went JB that day and I haven't blogged about it lol.

16/12/2013, Monday

Xmas exchange + belated mooncake day and I need to blog about that too.

17/12/2013, Tuesday

Can't remember. Slept for a really long time and packed some of my stuff. 

Some of loots reached!

Been spending a lot these days. No more no more. Gonna stop buying random stuff haahaha. Ok they are useful but I need to finish the old stuff up first!

I don't have rice so I had baby rice crackers.
Not nice one don't trust babies when they eat

18/12/2013-19/12/2013, Wednesday, Thursday

Went for a short adhoc position and I got tons of paper cuts. I don't think I can work in paper-intensive places wtf. 2 days and I've tons on my wrist and one deep cut on my middle finger (finger one was realllllly painful and I've like a flap of skin hanging there now lol)

20/12/2013, Friday 

Off day for me! So happy! 

This is so small

Met Tim for 47 ronins oh god that show is so slow. Haven't felt so miserable for a while. I thought it was action-packed but ugh the more exciting part lasted for a good 10 minutes or something. 

I don't wanna watch a new movie anymore. -____-

It's pretty interesting (since it is inspired and I love inspired stuff/history stuff etc). I probably expected too much hurhur.

Before movie we went for lunch. 

Teriyaki Chicken Chop

It's damn hard to find good pasta. Any good pasta place to recommend?

Impromptu blood donation but we failed terribly. I was under the acceptable weight and his veins are too thin/cannot find or whatsoever. This is so funny hahhaa. 

Ended the day with my love~ Finally tried peppermint mocha and I'm somehow craving for it now? 
It's gooooooddddddd I need another cup of that. Probably my fav out of the 3 xmas drinks. 

Sat/Sun = more packing + drafting posts + planning for xmas + mapling. Accidentally deleted my ugly character in snowman costume. Oh well!