[Sponsored Review] New Biore Cotton Sheet

new biore cleansing wipes
New Biore Cotton Sheet
What: Make up remover wipes
Size: 44 pieces
Price: $17.90 (Regular tub), $15.60 (refill pack), $3.90 (Handy pack)
Where to get: major pharmacies and super/hypermarkets

biore cotton sheet

I've finally tried the new and improved Biore cotton sheets after all the rave. It is really moist (20% more cleansing oil in each sheet!) compared to some other brands. The new cotton sheets come in an air-tight tub to keep your remover wipes moist for a longer period of time.

The new cotton sheets promise to remove make up faster yet gently.So, let's try!
Disclaimer: Photos are arranged in increasing ugly level.

Daily make up routine: BB cream, powder, concealer, eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lipstick. 

biore cotton sheet review
Closer view. Ya my brows T.T

One gentle swipe!

biore cotton wipes

And... half a face, gone wth.







biore cleansing sheets

I hope it's clear enough to tell! Base make up was gone after a couple of wipes. Say hi to the pimple near my brows, my sun spots since primary 3 fml and my dark circles :( It's a sad sight.

Smaller picture to cover my ass a bit hahaha.

I tried removing my eye makeup using the other side of the sheet. (place sheet on eye for a couple of seconds before wiping off. You don't have to tug too much if you do it this way!)

After 2 wipes:

bore make up wipe
Tried on left eye only

It removed most of the eyeliner, except those near the lashes. Bottom mascara gone but upper lashes were holding strong.

What I like about it:

The convenience

Biore cotton sheets are the so convenient. This is the thing I will bring whenever I travel. Just one sheet to get everything off. I will choose to bring the handy pack (10 pieces) as it can last me for 10 days. I got the regular tub when I went Taiwan this year as my sister uses it too. This is also the thing I reach out for when I'm out all day and I just wanna crawl into bed the moment I reach home.

The removal power

I would say it is great when it comes to taking off your base make up. If your daily make up routine is simple and you don't use crazily waterproof/smudge proof mascara, this is perfect. The mascara I am using practically doesn't budge unless you remove it using an oil-based makeup remover. (which I think you should!) At least it got most of my very smudge proof eyeliner off!

What I don't like about it:

The sealing

The new pack is designed like those wet tissue pack. You have to pull the sheet out nicely if not it will be hard to seal it nicely later. You have to if not your wipes will dry out in no time. And I always fail to pull the sheets out nicely hahaha my hands.

The verdict

biore cleansing cotton wipes

Biore has great remover wipes out of the all I've used. Though the sheets are smaller, it is thicker; hence, I can use both sides of a sheet to clean. It is really moist so I don't have to drag/rub too hard to get all my make up off. However, it is necessary to double cleanse, that is to wash your face with a normal cleanser, to really get every single bit off. You may want to wipe your face with a cotton pad wet with some clarifying toner after that. There's a lot of things to do but don't be lazy before your skin makes you regret. Anyhow, I always do this no matter what remover I use. I tried to remove another mascara using the sheet and I would say it got 90% off. Remember, use eye makeup remover for eye makeup! After all, it is made to work well for that!

Rating: 8/10
Repurchase: Yes, it makes removing makeup so hassle-free

Didn't know I am supposed to submit my review a few days ago! Rushed through this post but I hope it is detailed enough~