[Sponsored Review] Itoh Collagen Powder

2013's last few days. The year I stepped into my twenties is coming to an end. How fast. It is indirectly screaming in my face "it's time to start working on slowing down the effects of ageing my dear!"

They say beauty starts from within, and this is definitely true. How you look and feel depend a lot on your lifestyle - from your sleeping habits to what you put into your mouth. Make small changes everyday and before long you will see a difference! 

I am very lucky to receive my first box of collagen to try. I've heard so much about collagen and I'm so excited! 

(don't know why the original picture is sooooo small!)
Itoh Collagen Powder 
What: Collagen powder, beauty supplement
Size: 14 packs of 3g powder
Taste: No obvious taste
Smell: No smell 
Price: $49.90
Where to get: Guardian, Hannah

Additional information:


Collagen is extracted from healthy pig cartilage and pigskin. Yup that's right you don't have to chew on the fatty disgusting pigskin for your dose of collagen anymore! PS, fats and gelatin is removed from Itoh collagen. ^^

It claims:

1. 3000mg collagen per pack
2. 100% safe for consumption
It is certified by Japan SPF, ISO9001 and Japan GMP
3. No taste no smell
4. Recommended by TW makeup artist Kevin
5. Low molecular powder enhances absorption

How I drink it:

I always use minimal hot water to dissolve the powder, then I'd add it in:

1. Milk (Morning)
2. Fruit juices/yogurt smoothies (Night)
3. Or even plain water!

Taste ok in plain water. I don't think anyone can tell the plain water is spiked hahaha.
Oh best to drink it on an empty stomach or before sleeping!

What I like about it:

No smell no taste

I know some collagen has a tinge of fishy smell/taste to it. Thank goddess this is free from that. I tried the powder on its own and it really doesn't taste like anything. 

Easy to carry around

Each pack is very small and convenient to carry around. It has jagged ends; therefore, it is easy to tear open a pack anywhere. 

Diet friendly

It is low in calories (11.2 Kcal per serving!), zero fat zero sugar! Don't have to worry about your waistline when you're drinking this good stuff. 

Any time, any day

You can take this anytime throughout the day. I am so bad when it comes to following a routine so this is perfect for me. I can drink this anytime!

What I don't like about it:

It doesn't dissolve well

Sadly, it doesn't dissolve well in cold drinks. Better in room temperate drinks. Add some hot water to get everything homogeneous before adding it to the drink/soup of your choice. 

The verdict:

It will certainly take some time to see what it can do to you. It the same as medicine. Give it a couple of weeks!

Each sachet contains only 3000 mg of collagen and this means you can slowly introduce additional collagen into your body. This is great for people who are just starting out.The low molecular powder will be absorbed faster and this is good. It is not about the quantity but the amount absorbed by the body!

Level of collagen depletes rapidly after 25. I promise you you will not want the sagging skin and lines to make you realise you need to do something. I'm not 25 yet but prevention is always better than cure!

Rating: 7/10
Repurchase: Depends
You can grab your 3-day sample from TheSampleStore before buying the retail pack!