One-day JB trip

15/12/2013, Sunday

Woodlands - far from everything except JB. It is actually faster to head to JB than Orchard. If there's no jam lol. 

Intentions: Food hunt + hunger games. 

Took 950 from Woodlands interchange that day. We reached there slightly after noon. Wanted to get the tickets first but hunger games is not showing anymore! That's really fast lol. 

So we went for food straight. 

Settled for Japanese food at a place called Sushi King. It is very near Secret Recipe

Sadly, the food there is not up to standard. The set meal is pretty worth the money but it is really nothing impressive. So hard to find good Jap food. Bill came up to approximately RM80 or so.

Then we went for desserts at liu xxx shan or something along the line. It is a hk dessert store if I remember correctly. 

Not..... very nice too. 
And the table smells really bad omg. Bill came up to around 20-30RM?

Went for some shopping and Etude house/TFS is having buy 1 get 1. Got some stuff. It's sucha good deal omg I cannot miss.

More shopping/walking around before our last stop: Secret recipe.

I've been craving for good cakes/tall cakes recently what's with my sweet tooth sigh. Fat = jl. Don't like apple crumble because there's cinnamon in it.

Ordered 4 slices to share and I dabao 2 slices for my family. Macadamia is good! My family loves it! Chocolate indulgence is nice too. Ah I love cakes. Each slice of cake is around RM7.50.

Slight human jam when we were coming home but thank god we managed to reach Singapore before 9. Waited for my mum to wrap everything up at work and dad came to pick us up. Yayyyyy at least I don't have to carry the 1/2kg cake (for yq LOL) home.