Happy 20th YueQi!

16/12/13, Monday

Poor girl's birthday always crashes with finals. And stupid me invited her into the group chat created to discuss about her birthday *facepalm*

Plus we bought her cake in front of her. This is such a failed plan hahaha sorry~
But at least our surprise steamboat worked. Have to bring the pot too omg it was really quite funny.

So basically it was an eat-eat-watch shows day.

Xmas exchange afterwards and my secret santa was yq again!

Love the tumbler look there's a snowman inside! 
Thank you!

And a very nice card from ape! My fav girls, really.

I stayed for a bit longer because I was early still for yoga. Miss watching shows/reading random shit together. Kinda miss hall life. My hall life was so good with you around~

(Start of corniness)

We had a good room - away from the crowd (aka 3rd floor so pantry and toilet are so much cleaner) and right in the middle of the pantry and toilet. Shower is good as there's hot water most of the time and the water pressure is damn awesome. Room is in great condition and we are usually free from bugs. Have Sun in the morning to noon; hence, our laundry dries so fast. Plus it is windy wooo and we are not facing other rooms (at least not too close!). 

I had a great roomie too. I don't know how I'd survive without her for the past year seriously. 

She tolerated my endless alarms every single day (I'm terribly sorry I'm sucha log when I'm asleep), woke me up for school, tidied my bed and folded my laundry, cleaned the room... And so much more.

I especially love the the time when we woke up early for breakfast set or sometimes mac breakfast, exercised like 2 crazy girls/trying to do all the abs-related workout on bed, squeezing our fats in front of the mirror (yup that's right), watched random dramas/horror movies during meals, talked till wee hours about anything under the sky, revising the same mod together prior to examinations blahblahblah.

I grew a lot living with her. More independent, organised and addicted to Qoo10/online shopping (Thanks ah lol). I'm less lazy now and I try to put everything back after using. I also mastered some bug-catching techniques hahahaa and weird tips/tricks. 

No regrets living in hall. No regrets having her for the past 1 year. 

I wanted to write all this when I just moved out of hall but it is too corny I just can't bring myself to hahaha. A special dedication to you ok!

Happy birthday! Thank you for the fond memories, and for everything I'll treasure always.

(end of corniness)

This is so out of the place but we watched hunger games afterwards. Such a good show I love love love it!

I happily ripped all the photos from her blog hahahaha! Since it's already there you know... ^^