Happy 20th LiTing x Jump, Eat, Fun

13/12/2013, Friday

Met C for lunch at amk + did some shopping there. Say hello to new shoes and new xmas nail colours. I don't usually take pictures of stuff I buy so ya. Tea was at Wimbly Lu. I love the sofa seats there the ambiance is so christmasy~ Very nice!

Blackout cake ($6.50)

Then we travelled down to Amped Trampoline for our booking! (you can visit the website for more info, very detailed!)

No pictures because we were busy jumping. You need to do this at least once in your lifetime. And when you're young lol. Damn.Tiring. 

But I do have a shot where my dear friend is drowning in a sea of cubes lol. 

And this is the place I fell face first. This is probably one of the things you need to do before plastic surgery LOL. Nose still intact! 

Dinner at Nam Nam Suntec area? (I THINK)

Walked all the way to RafflesCity because birthday girl wanna see the Christmas Tree!

It's nearing xmas soon! Time flies~

And we ended the night with 2 group shots and I'm so dark thanks to joel. 

Happy 20th! Last out of the 6 precious people. :)

*pictures from random sources lololol.