2013, 365days

*I know it's late omg :(*

Hi guys! This is the last post of the year! Wrote a similar one last year and wow, it was so eventful. This year in general is much more mundane and.. dull? I feel a lot older, physically and mentally. This is a pretty different year for me. I planned my future, weighed my options carefully and generally feel more comfortable in my own skin and stood firm to my own decisions. I didn't let other people chain me down with their opinions and expectations 90% of the time. Let it be 100% in 2014. ^^

2013 is probably a year of self-discovery, a year I know myself better. This is the year I fully internalised the concept of mental strength, and my only limit is the sky. It is actually very exciting to see myself change, to see how my train of thoughts flow now verse 365 days ago. Nothing can provide the same level of fulfillment.

I'm happy and contented most of the time but there were times I was really dejected and shut everyone out. Thank you for those who stayed with me and for the extra happy nick nacks you added to my life. X

Summary of the.. year.
(This is when blogposts come into good use!)

Still with the same bunch of people yup. 2014 will be a busy year but I really hope things don't change much? I will do my best. Not try, do.

And my girls 
Spent a lot of time with them this year whoop! Sucha interesting yet comforting group. ^^ First line of help and the people who absorb all my ranting/whining. I've mentioned this many times but I really need to say this again - One of the best things that happened to me in IJC :3

This year I've tried quite a lot of new stuff, visited many new places, met new people.

  • Social night as Kai's friend partner. 

Like meeting my kindergarten bestie Crystal for the first time after we graduated from.... kindergarten lol. No photo together (we should!) so here's our class photo tons of years ago~

  • Visited Legoland Malaysia for the first time with the girls

And we had fun. Like shitload of fun. Best company

  • I started my second year in NTU.

  • Mugged really hard for the y2s1 finals and it is probably the hardest I've worked thus far. 

  • Passed my BTT, failed FTT once before passing it with a perfect grade on my birthday~ Nothing to be happy about because I failed my TP last month haha. Still no license.

  • I'm still with the same bunch of passionate chemistry people. My queen and joker helped me so much in school work. I love breaks together because we can sit there with eggs (beehoon for me) and talk about anything thing possible. Lectures/lessons/school is so entertaining with them around! We need group photo too! 

  • celebrated my 20th birthday

And I've not blogged about it sorry!

  • First night cycling with hall

  • Visited TW for the first time with le family!

  • Finally started yoga and I've been loving it like crazy~

  • Eyelash extensions

  • Random outings now and then

  • Wrote my first sponsored review

  • First Halloween thingy I attended

  • First picnic at home

  • First lunch we (Chemists~) had together outside NTU

  • JB 1day trip with friends because it's nearer than Orchard

  • Feasted a lot at home this year (ok like every year haha)

  • Baked quite a bit and I think I'm quite patient! (although they don't taste good, well well)

Ugly rose buns but they took me really long to do it!

  • Went for an amazing race and we came in 3rd.

  • Spent a lot more time with my family/got really attached to them. 

  • Fell in love with peppermint frap

These are the more significant events that happened (imo) in 2013. There are more but I can't possibly include everything! Refer to achieves if you really feel like stalking me hahahah.

Make dreams happen. 
More actions less words.
Happiness is my birth right.
Stay true to myself.
Think good thoughts.
Strive for nothing less than excellence.
People who matter matters, the rest don't.
Give when I can, receive when I need. 
Free myself from the critical world.  
Be the best that I can be.
And start living instead of simply staying alive.

Just some reminders I came up with for myself. Hope it means something to you too.
I am looking forward to another great year. ^^