Sunday Weekly Bites #5

Summary of the week...?

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Almost everything I do for the week lol. 
Except on Friday (the day I took my driving test and failed hahaaa). 
Would probably be upset for a couple of days without my happy pills around. Thanks you all for your tiny bit of effort here and there. ^^
I'm feeling okay already! Just take again lo spend money only right?
Anything that can be solved by money (and time) is not a problem hahhaaa. 

But that means I've less to spend for this xmasssssss T  ^  T


Gave myself a little break and spent some time with my dearest family and weekly dose of TWD. Hahaaa even dad's bugging us to watch. 

So glad their practice is over. There's finally some peace and quiet! Time to clear my last bit of recorded lecture. 

Your words again made me feel a hell lot better. 

Like a tree accepts all seasons, accept your suffering with grace. Good days, like sunshine, will help you bloom and prosper. Hard days, like storms, will make you strong and resilient.