Sunday Weekly Bites #4

This week is really an emotional roller coaster. 
Thank god for a concern voice miles away and a good rest. 

 I had my last lab (of the sem that is).
Glad to know many and it is really nice to work with them! 
Not forgetting our nice TA. 

Tw; I need my holiday now. NOW. Hahaaa. 

And this week I had starbucks. A lot of starbucks sigh all the fats piling up. 

Toffeenut latte - took really long to finish cause I don't really like it? 

And my old love - signature hot chocolate

It has been raining quite a bit so hot starbucks is prefect! Plus the ever pleasing xmas carols playing in the background o.m.g. 
Current fav is 'let it snow' haha! Warms me up every single time (:

Wore slippers out today and I have two giant blisters now >:( Whatttttt I can't wear any shoes ah born in the wrong era.  


"even when you do something wrong, even when you fail, even when you make poor choices, you are loved.
 No doubt you will punish yourself enough for your mistakes. The question is: 
Will you try to do the right thing next time? 
Will you learn from your mistakes? 
Will you keep on loving and caring to the best of your ability?"

Perhaps I was really too hard on myself. 
It's okay I still have another try. 

Thank you I really appreciate your words.