Sunday Weekly Bites #3

Can I say I only live during weekends? My weekdays are so bland I can't even ahaha.

31/10/2013, Thursday

Lab day, dad drove us to school but we were late due to a traffic accident. LOL one of the times MRT would be faster.

1/11/2013, Friday

Stuck in pioneer for a good half an hour ah no train. My luck with transport is really bad nowadays hahaha. Would have cab all the way back to woodlands if I were alone (confirm didn't realise can take bus to boonlay for train hahaha)

2/11/2013, Saturday

Spent some time with my dearest bunch of people (a lot of time waiting for the birthday boy).
Dinner at a thai zi char place; I love zi char hahaha. Makes me feel like we're a family kiaping food for one another!

Our dear kai the tripod is not here so this is the only group shot we had. I miss him omg no one to take photo with me! Used a new blusher and I almost 毁容wtf. Got better today (thank god) but still.... I wish I have my aloe gel with me now :(

Anyway, the thai zi char is at Sunshine plaza.

Pineapple rice 

This chicken thing is nice! 

Seafood Tom Yam 

Thai Gold Food
  • 91 Bencoonlen Streen #01-14 Subshine Plaza
  • Singapore, Singapore 189652
Facebook: Here

Our taitai helped us with all the ordering etc so I've no clue what some of the dishes are. Servings were quite small but luckily we were not that hungry. I find a lot of dishes are a little too sour. $51 for 6 pax, we ordered quite little though.

Ice-cream at Merely (the store beside this thai place) while lt and tiffy went around to hunt for a cake. 
Sometimes being too smart is kinda sad ah everything also know. 

Wrote the birthday card in front of the bear and yup. Happy birthday! 

Oh ya my very jialat birthday cupcake for him .___.
I feel very sorry to whoever I baked for. Your karma I think.

But looks good right hahahha can see cannot eat

3/11/2013, Sunday

Happy birthday Tim bear.
May your 20th be wonderful and happier, meet all the nice people and be who you want to be. 
One of the rare times I gracefully stick my face in front of yours! 

PS the lighting is so damn orange we looked like two burned apples. Had a hard time adjusting hhahahaa

A random family date hahaha courtesy of starhub and co. for the free movie passes. Caught Thor!

It's niceeee and funny hhahaha I feel like a tortoise living in my cave. Next time I should trust others when they say something is nice hmm. I've trust issues lol. 

The eldery were so bored because they couldn't understand. Nvm at least I enjoyed myself!

Sadako next! :D

That's all for this week's report! 

PS/S I wrote a lot of hahahah and omg I'm sorry for being irritating ^^