Review: Yadah Angel Lip Tint

Yadah Angel Lip Tint
What: Lip tint
Consistency: Watery texture
Colour: Juicy red-tomato
Dries: No shimmer, no gloss
Scent: Not much
Price: $5.90
Size: not stated
Where to get: Qoo10/Gmarket

Additional Information: 

Don't know why it looks so orange here

A closer view of the colour

Swatch/after blending: 

2-3 applications

This is my first lip tint/orangey lip product. Doesn't hurt to add another shade to my lippy collection. It is more red in real life. 

What I like about it:

The price
Can't deny how affordable this lip tip is. Korean makeup = cheap and good!

The product itself
I'm more into lip tints/sticks nowadays. Lip tints are perfect for school and I don't have to touch up as often. To be honest I don't bother to when I'm in school. 

The versatility
Great for a natural day makeup; at the same time you can build the colour up easily to complete a full makeup look. 

The colour
Don't know why it looks so orangey to me on my computer. Juicy red-tomato is something like a mix of orange and red. Bright enough to bring some colour to your dull face. 
PS, you can use it as a cheek tint if you want (I guess)

What I don't like about it: 

The consistency
Yes a more watery texture is easier to spread and blend but I find it too watery to give me the colour I want with only 1 application. Need to use quite a bit to get the colour I want. 

The removal
Don't know whether this is a lip-tint-woe or jl-woe. It's quite hard to remove? 

The lasting power
Sadly I can see an observable change in lip colour after food/drinks. Have to reapply if drink/snack a lot that day. 

Accentuates lines
It does make the lines a little more obvious than usual. Furthermore, I have this bad habit of biting my lower lips when I'm... bored... It emphasizes the mark so much I look like I'm freshly bitten wth hahaha. So remember to apply some lip balm prior to lip tint and don't bite yourself LOL.

The verdict
I heard many lip tints taste super bitter so I'm quite glad yadah one is pretty ok? Not like I lick my applicator or what. Tasting lip products is part and parcel of a lady's life hahaha. Colour is pretty decent for the price paid. Tried doing some sort of ombre lips but I fail most of the time. However, I find the colour always gather in the center of my lips (easy gradient yay!). At least I look like I attempted when all I did was to spread it around like kaya. ^^ 
It is quite moisturizing but you should apply some lip balm beforehand to prep your lips.  Actually, I wanted a red/pink lip tint instead. Don't know why I chose something so orange. oh well! 

It is worth every penny for it works good enough. Not my holy grail but at least I will keep it in my makeup pouch/table. 

Rating: 6.5/10
Recommend: Neutral
Repurchase: Probably in another shade 

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