Sunday Weekly Bites #2

Monday - Thursday
Studied really hard for polymer midterms but I think the results will be so-so? Kinda feel like I'm wasting my time and effort sigh. 

We had a giant plate of creamy pasta after that and it is too creamy for even 2 people to finish. 

25/10/2013, Friday 

Happy Halloween! Went over to PKCC after driving with the girls to celebrate halloween. Apparently 
I looked like a cat that night(according to the girls ahahhaa what is this) so yep I dressed up as a cat. 

Before that, we grabbed dinner at Xinwang Sembawang. 

Everything is not nice there, even the papaya soup noodles thing. 

Flooded with kids at the halloween hahahaa. We went for the haunted house and some kids tagged along with us They really spoiled all the fun. Freaking violent >:(

Lost my lipgloss inside (due to all the violent pushing); one more reason to shop in qoo10 hahahhaa.

That's about my interesting Friday. 

26/10/2013, Saturday

Slept all I want! Half a day gone and I'm panicking because I've no clue for org at all. And org test is next Tuesday..... Good luck. 

And I've included the 'picnic' we had last week in my Sunday weekly bites #1

PS: I know it isn't Sunday yet but I'm going to spend my Sunday memorising all the org reactions so yeap!