Stay true to yourself

Finally documenting some of the more 'meaningful' events in my life. I try to, as much as possible ok.

Thursday, 26/9/2013

Lab day and I injured myself with the syringe for the first time. Freaked out because it contains methyl benzoate. I mean how can one remain calm when you poked yourself with some chemical lol. Still alive and kicking so I guess I'm ok!

Friday, 27/9/2013

Finally finished my accounting presentation - this thing has been bugging me for days. I was sooooo worried because I've no clue what the lecturer was saying for... say most of the lectures hahahaa. 

Met up with some of my favs and TGIF! Once in a blue moon really. Don't worry I don't like my drunk face too wtf. Can't believe I can smile so widely. My mouth quite big ah. 

And here's the pretty lights along Chinatown! Love it so bright and colourful~

Tuesday, 1/10/2013

A pretty depressing day so I went to grab a giant slice of brownie from The Coffee Bean. Polished everything off because I'm a fat and greedy pig.

Wednesday, 2/10/2013

Cut/went for hair treatment. Luckily I wasn't impulsive. Hair is kinda straight now. And weirdly short I'm not used to washing so little hair hahaha. Maybe I will drop by another salon next week to change my look? I need some sort of courage sigh I don't wanna change but I'm so sick of how I look? I'm just a very contradicting girl.

Met Tim for dinz @ monster curry and we shared this giant plate of curry rice! Er the cheesy chicken is too thick and dry. Others are ok. I still don't like the radish thing it sucks.

Prior to that I managed to grab some stuff from H&M. Love the pants I got; fits like a dream and it costs only $15. Don't have to wear the same pants for lab anymore. Quite pathetic hahahah but I really see no point in buying long pants. Singapore is like a huge oven so why do you wanna wrap yourself up? That's why I barely deck out in jeans or covered shoes. TOO hot.

Perfume hunting again and I'm really sad to say my to-die-for scent doesn't smell the same anymore? Wait I'm not convinced at all I need to smell it again. :(

Was too full for desserts so macarons next time ok!
Well, I had a lot of fun that night despite lugging my 3kg lappie all over the place.

Did I mention I really like the specs, the flats and any crop tops nowadays? Yeap my casuals.

3/10/2013, Thursday

Treated ah pa and ma dinner in Swensens. Waited for 1h what is this. I even went to buy some sushi because we were too hungry. The food was really disappointing loolol but I had fun because my dad loves to compare everything with his hawker cheap and good food. Frankly speaking, it was one of the worst western meals wtf.

Convinced them not to drive there (our place is a stone throw away from cwp!) so we had our little walk in the dark to and fro. The lights were not working, maybe they find it more romantic this way wth lol.

Fun fact: only our family will pity the chicken before eating it. Weird right hahhahaa.

Okay that's all folks! I'm panicking because I still have 12 online lectures to watch and it's Friday already? Gonna spend a day with my family because my pignini is finally coming back! No time~