Oh hi

I just had say the worst cramp in my whole entire life. Well, I shouldn't complain but it really hurts :'( I can't even crawl into bed because the pain was just.... crazy.

I really shouldn't complain because having cramps is much better than no period at all? Thank god it is more 'stable' now. Yes I enjoy the freedom, no need to worry about overflows, bloated face tummy arms legs everywhere, backaches, breakouts mood swings etc but it is kinda worrying at the same time. I'm constantly wondering is it telling me something; a red flag my body is rising?

PS, I have realllllllly really bad mood swings. I can explode at anyone I swear (which is totally bad I'm sorry) and cry over anything (from a dog to my life) and the next moment I would laugh at myself for being so silly and wanna dig a hole and hide.

Such incoherence is 10 times more obvious during times like this. Welcome to my life :D

Ok this post serves no purpose at all so good night!
Please not another nightmare. It is damn thrilling (usually zombies/ghost) but it is really taxing to solve puzzles/run for my life in my dream. I will wake up feeling even more tired LOL.

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