Don't fall in love with my Sunday best

10/10/2013, Thursday

Really tired that day (thanks inorg revision and my sudden backache). Sighpie. Went over to can 1 to take away xlb and sjb for my sissy since she was craving for them!

Bought a small kitty cake for her, yi si yi si. It is cute but not very nice? 3/4 of the cake is... whipped cream. I hate whipped cream wtf.

11/10/2013, Friday

Didn't fail my accounting test though I only started revising the night before? Okay not bad hahhaa.
So dead after that so I went home for 2h of nap~
Off to town for dinner and 'class gathering'. The combination is so weird I don't know how to categorize anymore.

Anyway, dinner was at Kith and everything was realllllllyyyyy salty. Probably lost a bunch of hair after it hahaha. Nevertheless, the company and ambiance were pretty good. 3 very tired-looking people floating around town. Nobody was photogenic that night hahahaaa.

12/10/2013, Saturday

Slept, woke up, slept again. Basically spent half a day in bed. My well-deserved rest : |

13/10/2013, Sunday

Waiting for everyone to come home for steamboat dinner! *cravings checked!*. I'm taking a break from homework omg. Really rare to see me do work/revision unless there's absolutely a need for me to do it. I'm so proud of myself!

Okay goodbye let me keep the momentum going!