Family day @ Singapore Zoo

8/9/2013, Sunday

Zoo on Sunday for BAT family day. Boss gave me some tickets so I decided to bring my 'papa' and 'mama' along :) 


Owl cropped top: Tw | Mint HWS: JEM | Bracelet: Sis's? 

Wanted to grab more HWS in other colours because they fit pretty well but JEM is currently closed : | 

Had some activities there, walked around and saw a lot of cutesy animals~ weather was pretty cooling too!

Can't find my giant grey penguin, so sad. They used to have shelves of penguins omgggg where did all of them go?? Guess I need to visit the bird park soon.

Cabbed back to woodlands for share tea and loitered around Cwp. The end. 

2 more weeks to recess week! Half a sem has passed. I will be 50 years old if time passes this fast every single day. 
You can see how backdated this post is.