Can I?

So I thought about it - the question that has been bugging me all my life, the question I've been avoiding day and night.

I need some sort of plan for the next 10 years. Things I wanna do, things I wanna experience and so on. But commitments chain me down like a criminal. From society to friends, from strangers to close ones.

Future is unpredictable but at least a little dream or idea will guide you to where you want. It is far better than wandering around, wondering where you ought to be, what you ought to do.
That being said, you're only free to explore if you are not caged up like a domestic bird. More often than not, the cage around you is your life. Or rather, the life society programmed for you.

Not everyone has the courage to step out of the cage.

And I wonder whether I will spend my whole life in it.