Be where I am supposed to be

Yo! Long hiatus. School. Actually, school has been more hectic than I thought. : |

Well, a short post to entertain you guys! The first 20 random facts that cross my mind.

20 facts about me:

1. I'm a leftie and I love being one.

2. I'm petite but quite chubby. (fat face, arms and thighs) :(

3. I love my maomao a lot and I hug it to sleep every night (a little red pillow I have since I was a baby)

4. Have not step into a salon for nearly a year -___- That explains my crazily long hair.

5. An OCD thanks to yq. The past 1 year in hall with her turned me into some clean freak.

6. Trying not to procrastinate every single day, hour, minute. LOL can't you tell?

7. Thankful to meet/met so many great kind people in my life. Really contented with my life!

8. I eat a lot in the morning! Normal serving: noodles, glutinous rice, milo, fruits and bread. Then I will have lunch 2/3 hours later.

9. I enjoy spending time alone - I need it too.

10. I don't really know how to reject people/turn people down.

11. I wear my gay bedroom slippers everywhere except my bedroom.

12. My phone is my life.

13. My favourite food are fried beehoon, noodles, eggs, BBQ chicken wings, hazelnut milktea, starbucks and bread.

14. I try to work out everyday for at least 10 minutes.

15. Very particular when it comes to addressing someone as a 'friend'.

16. I love travelling!

17. I like working and earning money. Great feeling to see the number growing.

18. Small girl, big ambition, no clear direction yet but I will find out and work towards it.

19. Really like family time/shopping for fruits/food in NTUC.

20. I've ugly, wrinkly hands and feet. :(