August favourites 2013

5 favourites for August! Actually, I've been loving them for a while now! Reviews will take too long to write so a favourite post first.

1. Gucci envy

Bought this baby last year during Xmas period but I didn't really like it a lot. 1 year later the older jl starts to love the scent! It is very different from my usual floral sweet scent. Lasting power is ok and it smells good when the scent fades a little. A more 'formal' scent in my collection.

2. OJK green tea

Not a fan of sweetened, artificial green tea but that doesn't mean I don't like green tea. I love brewed Japanese green tea (or Chinese tea). OJK Japanese green tea is exactly my cup of tea LOL. I will brew 1 sachet in approximately 1L of water, 500mL at room temperature if I'm bringing it to school. My essential on tues/fri because lessons are damn long. My caffeine~
Anyway, green tea has a lot of health benefits/anti-oxidants so ya, a healthier source of caffeine?

Don't drink >1 sachet a day/have it everyday because I find it too 'cooling' for my body. And not at night unless you want to spend your night awake. It is damn bad :/

3. Senka perfect whip facial foam

My favourite facial wash now! So fun to wash with and it cleanses really well! Very affordable too.

4. The faceshop eyeshadow

Picked up some eye shadows again. TFS eye shadows are inexpensive and works like a dream. Really pigmented and they are a great everyday colour. I use them to line my eyes when I want a more natural look.

5. Liese moisturising spray

Review it here. I have been reaching out for this a lot nowadays. It is not that hard to use once you've gotten used to spraying products on your hair. A very quick hair mist to freshen your hair and keep your hands free from oily serums or oils.