[Sponsored] Spread some love for Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang contestants! Support them!

안녕하세요 ヾ(^∇^)

Mentholatum Acnes is currently having a voting contest online for the best two 'Ultimate Ulzzang'. 

Vote for your favourite contestant and 3 lucky voters will be given a pair of GV movie tickets each.

All you have  to do is click HERE, like Mentholatum Acnes facebook page and choose your favourite Ulzzang!
Contest period is from 26/8/2013 - 1/9/2013, which means you only have 4 more days left to cast your vote.

Also, Mentholatum Acnes is giving out their 3-steps sample kit on their facebook page. Grab your free kit after you voted!

For the rest of you (especially those with Instagram!), do consider taking part in their Instagram contest.

First, follow @acnessg. Then, snap a photo of your 'best face'/Ulzzang style and upload it with the hashtags #MentholatumAcnes #UltimateUlzzang. Remember to tag @acnessg ok.
It's really not that complicated!

3 winners will be selected and each will be given a Polaroid Camera. Bring your selcas to a whole new level camwhorers LOL.

Create an Instagram account if you haven't!

I've voted and joined, it's your turn now!

PS: iPhone's rear camera is awesome! I should use it more for my selcas
PS/S: Photo is very blur because I'm really bad at using the rear camera for selfie hahahaha. It looks ok on phone so I let it slip! 
PS/S/S: In sis's cycling shirt for my class that day.

Too many disclaimers. : |