[Sponsored Review] Liese Juicy Shower Moisturing Mist

That's right. Years ago almost every woman has that dead straight locks. It is the trend then.

However, more and more people are spotted with curls now - natural or permed.
Recently, I tried a new product for curls/wavy hair and here's my take on it!

Liese Juicy Shower Moisturing Mist
What: Treatment/Styling mist
Size: 200ml
Made in: Taiwan
Where: Watsons/Guardian/other personal care stores
Price: $16.90(200ml trigger bottle)/$14.90 (400ml refill bottle)
Website: Click


What I like about it:

The smell 

All liese hair products smell so good! I like how fresh and sweet my hair smells after a few spritz. A good thing to have when you need a quick fix. 

The effect

This product targets wavy, damaged hair - repair and style. Hence, I tested it on two different hair types/textures.

I managed to do this thanks to my sissy!
No edit except for the size of the photos. 

 She has natural, wavy/curly hair. 

After combing through 

Very flat curls and lack shine. Frizzy too. (I'm sorry sissy!)
Don't know why the left side is blurred. 

A couple of sprays....


1. Less frizzy 
2. Bouncier curls 
3. Shinier hair 

PS, I waited for her hair to dry so the shine isn't from the reflection. I also tried crunching the left side of the hair but the curls just don't hold. I hope the picture is clear enough~

  Cute or Pretty; that's why I love wavy hair! 

I also tried it after curling my hair. I straightened my hair a year ago and it is still really straight and stubborn. My hair just flattens out after a while even when I bun it up for 4-8hours. Hair sprayed curls will become limply waves after 2-3hours. 

For the test, I tonged in my hair ends, sprayed on Liese juicy shower and this is how my hair looks like after 3h. 

PS, curled one section in the wrong direction. -__-

I would say it is not too bad. Very hard to capture a decent shot. Curls fell out quite a fair bit but I don't mind! Bouncy hair > Pin straight hair.
Plus, this is not a hair spray so we cannot expect it to work like one. 

The anti-frizz

I've been sleeping with wet hair/blow-drying everyday :( Hair is really frizzy and messy nowadays I can't even! Luckily juicy shower tames frizz quickly! 

Much better without hair sticking out 

I am using it every morning to freshen my hair a little and tame the unsightly frizz. Fast and super easy! 

The lightweightness

Mist = really light on hair. Great for people who don't like serums/oil. 

The trigger lock

Ok I don't know what that is called but I'm glad Juicy shower comes with it. No accidents even if you throw it inside your bag/luggage. Pump/spray bottles without this is stupid. 

What I don't like about it:

The packaging

It is cute but the bottle + trigger spray is really big so I find it not that travel-friendly, at least it is not something I will want to carry around on a daily basis.

The spray

I'm so bad with hair sprays/treatment sprays. I usually ended up spraying my neck/air/shirt. Don't tell me I'm the only one?

The effect

I find mists too light for my stubborn mane. Oil works better as a leave-in treatment.

I'm pretty impressed because I wasn't expecting much from a hair mist. Hair mists to me is like treatment diluted with tons of water. : | I was never a fan of hair mists until juicy shower. It is really useful if you're always rushing in the morning (like me) or if you have natural wavy hair.

My ratings: 7/10
Hope that helps!