Hello NTU!

3rd schooling day! Well, I skipped the first week of school for work. Now I've a lot of online lecs to watch.

And a giant gap to bridge. Yup that's right. It's just week 2. Can't help but to feel plain dumb. Chem courses are quite taxing, a lot of online lecs and accounting are not making things better. I'm like a lost sheep during accounting lecture. ;___; My four days study week is gone ;____; x2

On the side note, I'm glad I'm not involved in other things, not like I've the luxury of time/effort to. Currently I've 4 tutees, school, driving classes and I'm probably taking an additional course and another commitment? I don't know yet. On top of that, family, friends and myself. ME. I miss me-time. Oh and this space. Might not sound like a lot but it is a lot for me to take. I barely have time because I'm the queen of procrastinator.

Okay time for whiny jl to go home.


11/8/2013, Sunday

Wanted to treat my family to crab dinner because I just received my puny pay but dad paid first. Bought ice creams for them instead!

Magnum is really nice! However, it is really pricey ($4+ from 7-11). Once in a while!

Random days

Went crazy whenever I'm out nowadays, like a hungry tiger on loose. Need to control my spending before it's too late!

One of the days - bought so much food I feel like I'm moving back to hall again 

Need to blog about tw soon!
From sw!

If I have really short hair. 

See you all!