Happiest kind of happy

8/8/2013, Thursday

Yay to long holiday! Double yay because everyone is finally free to get out of Woodlands, in the afternoon/day to a place that requires us to 'move' more. We are a bunch of lazy people who booked a chalet to sleep..? 

Vivo for lunch, bought some snacks and cabbed into Sentosa. You will save a lot of time, really. Cabbie uncle is really nice and chatty too :)

Sentosa on a public holiday is no joke. Jam packed everywhere (you even have to queue to cross the bridge to the observatory deck) plus there are tons of disgusting men ogling/taking pictures of ladies clad in bikinis. What kind of impression will it leave on tourists visiting Singapore? 

I should have taken this in the day lolol.

Set up our mat and the first thing we did was...

Food, AGAIN. Omg I can't even hahahaha. 

Tiffy made agar agar, Tim made soya pudding and Lt made sandwich! So loved! I brought my overly sweet chocolate chip cookies. : | 

Attempted to play murderer but we are just a group of confused kids. Games don't work for us. Chilling/talking/laughing do. That's okay, I enjoy them as much as well. 

A few rounds of Frisbee with the people before planting our ass on the sand. Exercise is not my thing but I'm trying to start. Trying very hard hahaha.

The weather is damn perfect - no Sun and very windy. Spent the rest of the time htht/camwhoring. Picture time!

I'm not in most of their group shots because I give up fighting for a spot hahahhaa. I'm a teapot (short and stout T ^ T)

I've really good looking friends!

1 unglam each!

Have a lot of pictures with pig ong because he is the nearest. 

The girls :3 

I tiptoed for all the group shots; spare them from bending down like some awkward bear *clapclapclap* 

I look really happy so die die must post. Sorry sm! 

Cabbed back to Woodlands - 7 pax, 1 destination, $43. Everything is good about it except for the daytona driver. 

Food to fill our tummies before heading to our usual hangout place for more crap. 

Such a good day. If we do this every week I can have abs without exercising. These people never fail to make me laugh so hard, so much. We are totally oblivious to our surroundings. I love the jl when I'm with them. :)

More successful outings please?

7th year and counting